The It's Greenish team

Managing Director Product development Sale
My name is Ton Lagas and I am General Manager of It's Greenish and I am the brother of Frank Lagas. I am responsible for the daily routine. I also think about how we can put our current products and new products on the market.


My name is Frank Lagas, I have a passion for developing unique meat substitute products. I am always looking for new opportunities to develop tasty vegetarian and vegan products. I started with It's Greenish because I believe in the quality products I can make with algae.


My name is Jens Lagas and I am the son of Frank Lagas. Early on I became involved in my father's business. As a result, my affinity for food and entrepreneurship has grown. Within It's Greenish I am involved in sales and customer contact and I work closely with my father and uncle.