The origin of our algae is nature

Microalgae are a revival of food for humans and iders. Algae that taste really good and healthy, that they are an ideal functional ingredient or spice for human nutrition. That is what Duplaco has made possible by producing Chlorella in the Netherlands in a completely innovative and progressive way.

The algae that we use are produced at Duplaco in Hengelo , they are a unique fresh Chlorella and microalgae wholesale! They produce and develop food and feed grade (micro) algae through an innovative fermentation culture method.
Our Chlorella and other microalgae are a healthy food for both humans and animals.


Duplaco produced (Dutch) Chlorella and European Spirulina algae that fit very well within a healthy lifestyle. This is because these algae are extremely rich in organically bound vitamins and minerals . In addition, our microalgae have a high protein content , contain unsaturated (omega-3) fatty acids , healthy dietary fiber and have a high antioxidant content.

By applying the microalga Chlorella in its entirety, with the nutrient-based composition of nature, Chlorella is a good building block. It applies in various ways in the food sector;

  • Fresh
  • Powder
  • Supplements


Feed - pet food

A balanced diet is indispensable for a healthy and vital life, this certainly applies to animals. It is therefore important to give our animals the good and healthy food they deserve, with microalgae being very useful.

The microalgae mixtures, including Chlorella, Spirulina, Schizochytrium and Haematococcus algae, contain organically bound minerals and vitamins. In addition, they contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, a lot of anti-oxidants and high quality proteins. In addition to algae for food, Duplaco also offers solutions / products for the following animal species;

  • Horses
  • Pets
  • Livestock farming
  • Aquaculture